Thursday, May 5, 2011

Precious Good-Dog

Precious Good-Dog

striking the leather of a boot hard worked
again and again her tongue took rout
to polish the long bones and invisible shine
to reach the unforgiving ache inside

striped sunlight and dappled porches
clouds on her back
shaking the rope with tooth full grin
a tennis ball and a shoe will do

a lap at ready play come kiss
the slip of paw on arm come rest
wake up now the suns at ready
hunger is not meant to wait past four
or any door be closed to the need

A walk along Precious good dog sniffer
joyful nose dipped touch to whatever comes
from each days newly discovered dredge
she found not lost the minutes never gone

dear furry length of old dog cuddle
now gone to comfort of death come take
May opened the gate of not enough time
and took Precious Good-Dog across the line
away from the ache of missing that's mine

RIP Feb 1999 to May 2011