Friday, October 28, 2011

The Weight of the Blanket of Love

It is different this year
For the hole is hand stitched
With the thread that I lost
Then re-found and re-fit

And the tear covered fingers
Of hand to the face
Are changing the vacancy
To knowledge and grace

Can you see how the empty
Really waits to be filled
And the fabric of time
Is sewn with heart’s skill

And the sweet smell of sunshine
Still hangs on the fence
Within the lost pages
Of life’s circumstance

So don’t worry my darling
Where ever you are
Is a minute just now
And then gone but not far

So the road may seem empty
When the skin feels the cold
But the weight of my heart
Is the blanket you hold

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Loss Ladder

The ladder is lost in the slow creep of vines
laced to the seasons with rain keeping time
forward the laying of names and their place
enhanced with engravings that memory has traced
Reminders drift down from the trees each new year
delighted the waiting is no longer for tears
change turns the leaves of October to blazing
and the sadness of mauve has fallen out of my daydreams
I remember the feel of the brush in my hand
down her tangle of curls in the dampness of morn
still the length of her smile in my dreams after midnight
can still open the time of that long ago storm
Now smoke and ashes dig into the hillside
and fasten the rocks from out of my past
yet will always be present in my still breathing chest
where the cradle still cuddles with my once aching breath
I can see now how dying is another beginning
the song sung within life's cadence is a test
as a lullaby bubbles and rock a byes others
I've learned each new step on the ladder is the best

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To Weave a Basket

The marsh twilight's deep staining feet
across the stone bridge I to keep
there filigree of music starts
to weave a basket of my heart

Such variant day in wind a change
touched by opening package lain
alive from powder’s fragile mist
across the whispered light of kiss

I go there to the cave of be
lit from reflected waters three
one rippled softly from my breath
one still as never moving chest

The third reflects the inside view
all dappled sunlight shadow hued
with sweet of longing bending near
a drop in time spread out in tear

I pull the plug within my soul
to empty cobwebs staining goal
and there in feathered imagery
I catch a hint of destiny

It like a coral ocean floor
distributes time through moonlit door
to see it sow imagining
and mend hurt flower fragmenting

Hold it up ‘tis sweet as sky
studded star sung lullaby
a canopy of slanted light
reflected from the fire of sight

Pull time across the plains of earth
into waterfalls exploding mirth
then watch the healing from the wound
of drinking drought by time perfumed

It’s plain as dirt on cavern floor
and light as whispered evermore
all parts be held or felt in clasp
from answered wisdom of the past

It is what stillness brings around
and listening pulls from warming found
in opening life times mending seam
to shake out dust from field of dreams

The marsh twilight deep staining feet
across the stone bridge I to keep
there filigree of music starts
to weave a basket of my heart