Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lesson from Rock and River

Color the canyon walls
warm adobe
fire hearths of brick
places in the heart


The river flows
past hard and stable rock
two different forms of matter
each by uniqueness
gives importance to the other
a perfect relationship

Harmonize with things
that flow by you
like the rock

sweep gracefully past
the stunning fact
gesture with sound
that delights


Sky dark
clouds dense charcoal
the rain stitching lines from sky to earth
in the canyon,
next to the river

Thunder trembles
the sky to open
the flowing current
the river surges
sending hard and stable rock

The rock
as others catch against it
changes the path
of the river

The world's ever changing
nothing stays the same


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

To Find Marian and Vin

I almost passed by you
your proudly waves
the allure of bare feet
the first rush of letting go of skin
the sin of salt
little pins on pressed sand
where sun's reflection plays catch and drown
then draws breath again

I had to pull away to see
your mouth all spray with wind
your rounded clean line embraced by sky
to find the turn of curved arm where I am
still waiting wet and wild with sand

(with loving memory of my mom & dad and how they loved the ocean)