Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Children of Wednesday….For Sam and Ellie

The Children of Wednesday

Around and around they go up down
walls with stairs and pools
carpets of grass the pond all laced green
and the ladder to the slide
put aside until the sun days of summer coming
call the birds the cat the dog
just any bug in some delight
especially worms will be alright

On the swing a song is running
push rewind and play
hold me past the time of naps
past playgrounds and sand and the perfect shovel
sing with me your susurration’s best
we’ll make the shadows dance fast

The tree is opening leaf  and my balloon’s all up and bloated
Squeeze the monsters from the clay and hold my hand
the inches wave goodbye at the door
and I will love you again on another Wednesday
or more

Thursday, June 25, 2015

She, Hope and the City

7 lines (or maybe a little more) from my current work in progress

Juliette is a grown woman now and her memory of the house is clear, but her surroundings have grown.  The timber of the staircase she can still count with her girlhood footsteps, but now she lives in a city, not just a house.  Her brother lives in another city far away and her grandfather and her mother died years ago.  She thinks of freeways and roads like veins and arteries.  She sometimes wishes for the sidewalks of her youth, where the innocence of her relationship with the supposed inanimate things around her, was pure.  Those things were safe and couldn't hurt her, though they overpowered her a few times with the depth and breadth of their cold steal and concrete.  When they did she would turn to the other place inside her.  In that place there was sun and shadow, color and movement and the fragrance of life.  A seed had fallen and a crack opened in time and a yellow flower took to calling the rain and the sun its lovers.  She knew these things but still could not say them out loud.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tender Certain

Tender Certain

In the mirror of today
a thin veil whispers separation
for I saw her in my eyes
her curve of hip turned inspiration
‘til I was bloused and breasted light
with her younger woman's delight

From the corner of my glowing
behind the flowing silk of day
she turned like sunshine in my haze
no need for words just wave of knowing
she knew my heartbeat felt her gaze

Though this was only sway of curtain
it laced my fabric   tender certain

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hello February

Welcome to my life this day is blue
and I have learned a thing or two since last we met
though snow lays grounded in some places tease
the dappled sun in me feels blessed and pleased

Don’t try to freeze me till I break
I am most sure and filled with light
even in the night I dream of lavender wings
in joyful reminder that I no longer ache

She decided long ago to go
and I've mourned   my love to show
for many years I looked at February
as a month of fearful tragedy
now I see grief as a learning tool
one must pass through like any school
and I'll no longer show my love with sad
but rather in understanding love is glad

How about this
I let February be a place to see
a new flow within my stream
where loosened the rage of loss explores
the rippled lake of Evermore

not because I have forgotten Michelle
but choose to feel her love's warm spell
all the time

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Walk With the Clock

Tender torn our feet all walk this path
For the street is dense but made of glass
And how it shatters if you trip and fall
It breaks like speed bumps on a freeway fast 

Alone each moves along times fragile dock
With time though blurred veracious and so steady
If you jump it waits just up the road
With its magic pocket opening ready

Ease me over the rim of this feared place
Bring me the grace to read your open face
Don’t try to hold my youth within your arms
truth tells me that a lie is so embraced 

Lover take me in your sweet delay
Usurp the movement forward to that place
Let me steady be in tide that takes
Each grain of sand to sea without a trace

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Close up of Napa from the 101

Wait past the redwoods of the morning mist
the smoke of chimneys rising and caught within the gist
the unseen force of air is there and the repair of boulders
holding in the fall of land so saturated its true

Behind the wire fence stuck with bags of plastic
taking the breeze with sound of modern elastic
on a stage the soldiers upright and still
are tethered to the stake their arms reach up the hill

I watch

Them protect the clumps of yellow mustard
with their ready   can’t wait to be wine
and if you stop for a minute you can hear
the pouring of the sweetest tease of vine

No  cannot stop the day is fast progressing

I am zip tied and back seated certain
that if I look away someone will pull the curtain
the trees and telephone poles are fast by my eyes
and along the curve a cow misunderstood why

and then

the slope of the hills with green so rain induced
that a large fingernail of dirt fell for proof

and the city is so vein across the bridge it’s glass eyed watch
ripples within the ocean water a half past sunset clock

so seen the going home is treat of passing time
with someone in a different place with eyes asleep not mine

Sunday, November 9, 2014

I Would Explain the Sky

There are so many big things,
and yet I squint
and catch some small winking
just waiting for explanation.

I would explain the sky,
yet one small star holds me
and whispers of shadows
that stars make
on night sky’s dark plane,
and the music in the void
that causes angel’s to weep.

It whispers of treasure
and to imagine an opening
where brilliance falls all around
like marbles gay and melting color.

There are so many dusty roads
and this one time I found
a dull stone
shaped like a heart,
not perfect but obvious,
and it enlightened me
and quenched my romance
in a perfect minute.

There are questions popping all around
like bubbles,
the big hand blows sweet wind,
wild wind, hot wind, treacherous wind;
and I lean into truth
as if I could see it there
with some enormous righteous intent,
displaying obvious answers,
invisible answers,
that I have to walk around
and study with creased and pressed thought.

sometimes simple seems so complicated.