Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Grandmother's Lullaby to the Moon

I feel a connection hold me
to the almost full of moon
following the place I am
lit now behind the tree
and again within the pool

I move too
rocking on a swing
that is tattered by time
yet it holds its movement still
and if I close my eyes
I can feel dirt and sky
and the dusk of evening birds fly

I sing the song of a grandmother
I sing it again I sing it well
to you and you the children
of the teacher and the mother
to the child within me still

Rocky rocky rocky rocky
backwards and forward
to and fro

Gathering briquettes
absorbing the good smell of wood chips
making love
out of an old BBQ and moonlight

I can close my eyes
my grandmother eyes
and hear the song
with the dear swing
that is part of everyone

and the swing just sings along

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