Saturday, December 19, 2009

Music from the Last of Autumn

Autumn takes me down
to her place within my backyard
The trees are halfway bare now
with their clothing voiced in child's play
I can hear their footsteps calling
from the castles open door way

The birds still wake at dawning
and the dogs hide under blankets
for the cold creeps into evening
with it’s fingers made of midnight

I can hear the heater’s humming
as the minutes tick through night time
and the part from open window
holds cool breath that hits my pillow

And I want to keep the sunshine
long into the end of daylight
for her feeling on my skin now
is like a new beginning

Where the child in me runs frolic
‘cross the green hills of September
and the water is so warm that
I can swim without my clothes on

And the jumping of the flowers
is like time in spring’s fast forward
across the sweep of window
where the trees are moving graceful

And I want to travel with them
dance along a perfect sky lane
wrap my arms around the swollen
sweetly scented linen

But the minutes tick towards winter
and my fingers are so cold now
I can hardly feel the keyboard
or the toes within my slippers

But still I feel like dancing
Out the open door to dapple
In the playground made of sunshine
And the tree swaying with apples

And to bite and hear them crunchun
is the music from the last of autumn

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