Sunday, June 27, 2010

Music from the Corner of Summer

The grasses move like feathers
in the breezes through the canyon
and the fog in soft of cover
brings the ocean’s fragrant sand in

And the sleepy peace of dawning
with only sheets for cover
softly feather heads on pillows
touch an eyelash still a dreaming

And the buds of petals sing now
with a buzz of frantic movement
giving purpose to the beauty
that has filled the air with fragrance

And I want to dance on green grass
in a dress of yellow daisies
lay me down within the arbor
listening as the fruit is ripened

But I feel the clock is ticking
in the shadows past the hedges
caught within the dirt and drainage
of the folding fallen wildflowers

So I hold on to the questions
and I wait for the horizon
to reply with mauve of sunset
warm with dark and heavy breathing

And I know the perfect feeling
is in holding on one minute
to a look that’s filled with loving
falling into drape of silken

For the hum in dark of midnight
under canopy of stardom
singing soft the mad of midday
with a sigh within a love song

is the music from the first of coming home

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