Monday, November 29, 2010

Music from the Corner of Winter

We are wearing thin the rooftops
of the castles and the cabins
and the carpet in the doorway
is a pathway built of summer

You can hear the fingers knocking
slipping sea into the canyon
you can feel the moon regretful
drawing ridges on the pillow

They are wearing thin the blanket
lost the warmth in new of winter
gone is the open skin sigh
in the softly floating midnight

and you can hear the naked trees
release the moan of morning
you can feel the sky exhale
like a filling open vessel

and the cuddle is all curled up
not long or delicious slowly
it is under blanket fast-wrap
in the frozen sheets of evening

you can see the frost on windows
you can hear the teeth of singing
you can feel the arms of winter
as your slumber groans and mumbles

and you want to travel sideways
when you see the world turn crystal
then new magic takes a window
and fills it full of softness

and you know the perfect blessing
in a sudden turn of insight
is the music from the corner
of going home


  1. I like the almost abstract manner you write your poetry, Martie. You have such a offbeat way you construct your verses, it is beautiful and yet standoffish. I hope I am making myself understood. I LIKE it.

  2. Thanks Jerry...I appreciate you coming by to take a peek and leaving a comment.

  3. How
    How did I miss this? Love you, Sis!

  4. I could hear Suzanne in it! Brilliant!I love you, Sis! 💜💚💖💚💜