Monday, March 28, 2011

Sun, Fun, Sky

Fun Sun Sky Try

I am lifting the white from sky
Sifting it into a powder dry
To swirl with my silver spoon
To drink this mist off bloom of blue

Who dare inhibit the sky not I
I just want to blow some haze away
And dust the corners of the trees
Where spiders web has caught the leaves

I’d play in all this spring green thought
In dappled light be caught with naked face
And a bit of sunshine’s grace just out of reach
Of times great sweeping hand I can

Disturb the way that things must flow
A rhythm slow I’ll take to fast then dance this dream
With blues the beat and barefoot tapping dirt touched feet
To keep this drain from seeping out the pool’s cool rule

For I would make the water warm and sky to storm
Without a doubt I’d cry the rain all over me
And live as if mother nature be in tree
And with a whim lift up my chin with smile beguile

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