Saturday, July 23, 2011

Of Harmony

Of Harmony

I take this thought all fragile with disquiet
and lay it on the purple hue of sunset
until you can hear the color that I long
like skin it warms until it's soft
then melts like footsteps wet on sidewalk
lost in fragments then just gone

Slow a minute then and wait for me
for I am not as quick as I used to be
and I look around sometimes and feel fear take me
to places where bitter truth is painted dark
by treasured sacred piece of me my heart

This brittle life can be so surrounded in a light
that in the last small piece of sun
it strikes a cord like just begun
then winks one last look into the pale ascent
lost in crowds all heaven bent to pay respect
to the monument that ashes build

Give then with tip of head and lowered eyes
a thought to peacefulness inside
perhaps then all with struggles will hit their knees
and listen to the way a chorus sounds of harmony

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