Sunday, December 23, 2012

Melting Time

From a special time in Sedona Arizona many years ago that I saved in this poem

Remember when the icy wind
caught my scarf and shoes were frozen
and the wooden plank of sidewalk
was chucked with ice that slid to treacherous
and your breath blew soft cool mist
onto my cheek of reddened flower?

That night we cushioned our love touches
in the drapes of locked-in darkness
for it had been lightly raining
and the sound of peace was airing
as the ticking drops drowned day
and dreamed me tender in its minutes.

Some time during that nesting comfort
time quieted and all shapes hearkened
for its return to blowing dripping
but peaceful was the voice that whispered
and the words felt just like cotton
and woke me to a room of darkling.

I left your comfort for the window
to see if day had come and gone
if earth had twirled us into space
for this unsound was filled with wonder
then the drapes of magenta whistled
as I looked between their folding.

A perfect feathering drift of sky
sliced the room and lit your face
and light exploded without shadow
around the pirocantha’s berries
for all around the auburn mountains
crystal layered the morning landscape.

And I was filled with such delight
that bare foot took me to the door
to reach my hand into the flight
of something that so seemed like magic
that to this day the memory catches
across the years of sun’s bright glisten

to the snow that caught my palm
and melted time in Sunday reverence.


  1. Martie,

    This poem tells me
    to quit writing,
    just read...

    you are uncommonly

    and I Love the fact
    that what I say

    is truth.

    Merry Christmas, my darling girl!