Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dear Love


Dear love, 

Where you nested 
my heart grows lithe, 
as with my own whim 
I've flown away from solitude 
and found breach of delight within. 

I can't love you into stillness, 
like rain you come refreshed 
as I weep for what was ravaged 
I keep the harvest's goal, 
Oh, significant wonder, 
girl's gone beautiful soul. 

I can gently part the curtain now 
on what I thought that I should dread, 
and find in truth a grace amazed 
by my own light, wavy threads. 

I have no doubt my sigh and cry 
weighed heavy on your placement 
with time's perfect patience, 
so I threw them in the brier 
I thought I held for you 
to soften a girl's bad dream come true. 

To question is my degree, 
so I ask miraculously 
significant wonder touching grace, 
and though flesh is an unworthy tool, 
I see you smiling in my face. 

I see the pages turn, 
hear the sound of paper, 
know the end has such integrity 
that I want to skip a page or two 
to see what happens later. 

Keep well, this home of heart 
has been growing from the start 
from a chain anchoring one into the other, 
where there is no end to the devotion 
from you, my daughter 
forever in the lasting of me, your mother. 

Could I but see the distance 
plague the stone so I could fly, 
curiosity would lick the slurry 
until the sap in me was dry. 

So, my love I have a feeling 
on the page that says, the end, 
when I've eaten apples to the core 
there will be a light in me, not dim,
that still will want for more. 


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