Thursday, July 4, 2013

While Waiting for Clarity

Waiting for clarity watching the tide
listening for lessons from time left behind
is this how I spend the mid day of heat
beginning the ache of a thought’s incomplete

I’m drowning in dignity lost in the fog
searching for magical mystical cog
that will catch the yearning with tenderness’ hook
and wee bit of joyful that fell in the brook

You think I’m just messy but the clutter’s defined
in the pathway I take to the place that is mine
there lashes fall dangerously close to asleep
and my dire state of mind does not make me sweep

Oh lethargy leave me some jumping around
for my feet yearn for dancing  and playing the clown
often my lips burn with hot state of allure
when I think of time wasted on waiting breeze stir

I’m taking the slow road to round and about
and have figured the distance is making me pout
so if you should see some red shoes and blue jeans
you can bet its my bippy walking out of your screen

If  you think this is nonsense your reading your right
for my fingers just needed to get out of uptight
the seriousness of this wanting to shout
is to help me determine what life is about

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