Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Covered with Love....for Jay and Samantha on her twelfth birthday

Covered with Love

Your baby hands were big even then,
big enough to reach out and touch
the place where love is.

You waved them like wings,
trying to capture the light of dust
that slipped around your curved palm.

You opened something with your tiny fingers,
something invisible, made from heaven’s weave,
then you wrapped me in it
and it gave me grace.

Now, with your big blanket of love,
I see you have found the same fabric,
for you cover her with such tenderness that I weep.

I could never find the words to tell you.

Now you know.


My son
I remember when you were two
you tripped over cracks in the cement
with run-down sneakers
sun-drenched hair
the sea in your eyes

you tossed my heart about your youth
as I sang in dance around the room
with you in curl of whirl


time ticks to fast forward

to you still gleam of smile in me
to watch the tender hand you give

for as you watch me with your child
you tell me how you see now
how I was with you

for Love
has come around again


  1. Oh, Martie...each time I read what you have written, your words curl around me heart and give it a big squeeze and bring a tear to my eye. How can you always put the heart into words so beautifully? Thank you once again for touching my soul. I thank God daily for finding my one time best friend in junior high, here on fb♥
    I am so technologically challenged that I don't know how to assign my comment correctly, so I went with "Anonymous"...but I'm really just Barb:)

  2. Thank you Barb. Your words have made my day!! xoxoxo