Tuesday, April 8, 2014

In the Far Off Someplace Else

In the far off someplace else
you dream with the tongue of a smile
that hides in the corner of your mouth
then wakes me with crushed leaves

Movement is in the air
wearing the changing of time
as the scurry things hide from light
and the last leaf whispers past the window
drunk on the beginning of something

My sweater hangs quietly
in the closet of last winter
still holding the clouds pull
waiting for usefulness to begin

Did you find me in the warmth
where the pillow held the contour
long past my leaving
with your own daylight dreaming?

I wonder where the photo was taken
of your crinkled blue eyes
filled with something that was a gift
where I could see so much time become new

and how can I tell you now
long past that hour of my memory
so ripe and ready to read
the slip of paper wrapped in love
that still holds to the feeling

that I do taste the honey
as it creeps into morning
and longs for the changing
though it still lingers in good night

It travels so fast you see
past a dream and midnight cover
to awaken groggy and stuck
but almost here

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