Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Children of Wednesday….For Sam and Ellie

The Children of Wednesday

Around and around they go up down
walls with stairs and pools
carpets of grass the pond all laced green
and the ladder to the slide
put aside until the sun days of summer coming
call the birds the cat the dog
just any bug in some delight
especially worms will be alright

On the swing a song is running
push rewind and play
hold me past the time of naps
past playgrounds and sand and the perfect shovel
sing with me your susurration’s best
we’ll make the shadows dance fast

The tree is opening leaf  and my balloon’s all up and bloated
Squeeze the monsters from the clay and hold my hand
the inches wave goodbye at the door
and I will love you again on another Wednesday
or more


  1. Sweet Sissie...I see the history, the break of past, the collection of future. I love you.