Friday, May 1, 2009

Stones Throw Rebel

Stone’s Throw Rebel

Come down
to silent waiting water
reflection is a stone
skipped perfectly or is it

I can hear
the songs where I have knelt
giving reverence to wings

Step back turn around who flew
harmony can come unglued

Hear the discord of rocks in plop
and straight down drop

I can turn away you see
and sigh some word
like destiny

To live hunched in everglade
when all the pretty treetops
touch the light
and night would seem that long and strong
to unfasten day

Standing above erect with reverence
it matters not the perfect set
three times plus across the pool
reflects the age of handmade fool
a tool made from bone not heart
reflects no art


through empty space and waters quiver
to rebel all contrive a shiver

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