Thursday, August 13, 2009

Coloring Outside the Lines

Playing with words
is how I draw
come see come saw
a cup of living
grace not flaw
currents the bewildered
and stays the gate

Tripping on eccentricity's
not late or fate
or taste of vegetarian
with a hint of straw
to draw the tooth
and grin the truth

Can you name
the holy gist
not quiz of sky
but behind the eye

Listen and wait
mark the path
but keep the turns
straight back
across the free
up so tree
and down so road
just know

Sing past tune
hope and bless
the silent sky
and closed eye rest
as stars fall down
weep not the cost
of what is lost

The sky will dry and all
will sun again
where the shadows live
in afternoon
come some soon

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