Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It Came on Wing

It came on wing of air soft-tuned
waif of thought loomed by mother’s willing knot
and minutes daring sky dark tossed

Saying now is in between of see
a place of dream and slanted time
and if you open mind of eye
past goodbye to winged caprice
where peace holds eager at arms length
you’ll see around the curve of grace
the lovely of a missing face

I know this thought is fulsome want
and bids to see past seem of real
to peel the skin between the strands
such faith is hard sometimes to feel

I’ve seen this bless of rip in fabric
all stitched down with stretch elastic
to leave the room of bright lit tone
and find a song no not alone
but filled with fabric cinched not severed
between the clouds I’ve seen forever

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