Friday, May 28, 2010

Expressions from the Corner Shopping Cart

Curve of lashes take me to a place
outside in dark
a moon song of expression in the corner’s
shopping cart

Built from all the coupons that surround
me with confuse
with the front page of the paper
and the latest blow up news

Should I open up this fear that plants
my chemistry
with battles fought and children caught
in hateful blasphemy

My spirit takes it like a slap
on the face of what is grace
and to hide is near impossible
when a prayer is made from hate

I wonder how one person can rearrange
this way of man
where circles were unbroken now all I see
is trash filled cans

And more and more to see my jaded eyes
are looking down
to find the tiny dignity
of some green cement surrounds

This quiet comfort fills me with the need
To make amends
but what for and who too the list it seems
might never end

So I sing within myself a tune
of loving arms surround
and I touch the ones I’m holding close
within my cotton gown

Then like magic in the midnight sky
with opal riding low
I hear the soft sound of mending
from other hearts who also sow

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