Friday, May 21, 2010

A Song Was there All Along

The air is full can sing
with drain of day
darning children and birds.

Someone drags a trashcan filled
glass, a box, leaves and things;
gated garden’s swing I hear sing
as air sucks in the sun and makes a wind chime stop
and listen to the end of day.

Airplane and train in magic become loud,
the music like a lonely ear
too proud to pay attention,
suddenly perks and nods.

at maddening bat fly-by to take
the last small thing in air it ate,
could almost hear the snap and crunch
the whirr of wing the light so lost.

Just a jewel in deep of pool
and a song was there you know,
probably all along.

1 comment:

  1. Such a dreamy, relaxing and well-constructed poem, Martie. The song at "drain of day" perked my ears for the tune, especially after darning all those children and birds.

    I like that you became violent in your own way near the end, and I, too, can hear the "snap and crunch." thoroughly enjoyed this, my friend.