Sunday, September 11, 2011

Moon Glow

Do you remember what midnight said
all up lit the moon almost
in the slow steady stealth of leaves
couldn’t believe
the opening of gates and windows
and all the pretty songs
sniff sniffing along the path
behind the bush a majesty so small
there were pearls that were rocks before
and the road across the pond was held still
by the grace of sleeping fish

We were all wrapped up
in the color that crossed the room
when the drizzle of some madness took me
to see what dark of sky was for
around the bend of canopy candle lit still
like mosquito netting the smoke I blew
and unlit the thing that was weaving motion
and opened the door alive alight with focus
left for just this sweet of me all open can’t you see
and some how for one moment I was free

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