Sunday, September 4, 2011


Sacramento, California

Come morning
I see as geese do the river
because the sky to my eye
is what geese see

Sound holds them together
formation affirmation
the river a path to the green pleated grass
and the woven fields of corn
even bright heads of sunflowers
to the vine-covered trees
blackberry brambles and tule grasses
of the delta

That cool delta breeze
makes a song from just leaves
and blesses the wind chimes
awake through the night
in the quiet forgotten

Shadows fall from houses
where heat closes windows
and kisses tomatoes
until plump and ready
to settle the meaning
that was never a question

I thought that the sun
slipping into the ocean
had the curve of a love song
wrapped in its cheek
until I saw it melt
in the river beside me
swallowing diamonds
around my bare feet

Softly the pigeons sip from the morning
dipping reflection from just watered lawns
knowing life is always delirious with change
and lasting like love and front doors
finds the way home just like geese do


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