Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Roller in the Grass of Playful

I'm thinking of you Michelle

warming past the tree

where we frolicked with the day

memory takes me to that hill

All the year I've worn my heart

in comfort drawn to wait

the times that bring you near

just not expecting now and so dear

But here you are wrapping around my years

growing with me not tears

but moments spent in learning trees

and little pieces of poured cement

with your name that lasts

it's just not fair how living

can't be cast

The dog's bark is for you too

and the jasmine hanging on the fence by me

a roller in the grass of playful came to be

itched with laughter until the tears were only mine

So this day I know you see the pool we built

the year you died

as if to hide in the joyous splash

your brothers made into what was a hill

where dogs remarked

yet still

I miss the way your gleeful filled the day

and colored the empty place in me with play

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