Friday, August 2, 2013

On Mariam Kobras and Song of the Storm

I met Mariam Kobras on Twitter.  She quickly became one of my favorite peeps.  We were brought together by our mutual love of writing.  She introduced me to her publisher, Buddhapuss Inc, who became my publisher.  Serendipity works that way some times.  I read Mariam's first two books of the Stone Trilogy and became interested in the lives of Jon, the rock star and his independent and beautiful lady love, Naomi.  Their lives are far different from mine, but I can relate to them because Mariam wrote them into humanness.  I found myself wanting to interact with them, to listen to their life stories, know their quirks and  foibles and the details of their love.  I wondered how Mariam could possibly write another book about the same people, but she did and I have to say that book, Song of the Storm, is my favorite. 

This third book not only made me want to know about Naomi and Jon and their friends and family and what happened to make them who they are, but I found myself liking them.  I was still caught in the emotion of the ending when I wrote Mariam this email.

Dear Mariam

I've just finished Song of the Storm.  My eyes filled with tears, remembering, as I'm sure everyone does remember, 9/11.  You wrote of it with heart and compassion.  Now I understand that the event didn't just effect the people of the USA, but all people.  I went into my old poems to find the poem I wrote after 9/11 because I wanted to share it with you.  I remember the time after as so quiet because there were no airplanes allowed.  Families cozied up together and the streets were empty.  I could here the news channels streaming again and again the horrible truth.  


As the first breath squirms,
then sirens
across the lap of beginning,
hear the fragile power
that is life. 

a candle’s flame
blown out in dark clouds
of hatred’s careless and despicable.

the spirit that began
before time cut the umbilical cord
and freedom became a feeling.

Fragile falls,
it bends and melts
and will never be again
the way it was.
But, the life force,
the spirit that builds joy
from a foundation that hugs compassion,
grows stronger.

And when a circle is formed
of hand touching hand,
there is no measure of its strength,
for it is indestructible.

From the open door
the crows argue with the sky
and I listen in awe
as an airplane softly roars
into my understanding
that life goes on.

I hear commitment,
it feels like the breath of spirit,
it feels like power.

In Song of the Storm I felt love and understanding grow,  the music build into families of tenderness, the ache of missing and the terrible lament of why.  You wrote this book as an artist would draw a precious piece of art.

Thank you for being an author.

Love, Martie

You can find the link to Song of a Storm at Amazon,  HERE

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