Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Fall Up Leaf

A walk of hands and holding belt loops
the river the river calling
and sky like blowing bits of time
until the color hovers on the line of trees
and fells the warp of shadows with a breeze

Feel the catching of the tune for soon
this green hill covered with rolling children
will be gone like the words of song
and the trees fragile leaf still trying to appease
the trust that cleans the clutter from enough

See the bench lolling in the incline
it is catching minutes
with weathered letters and heart shaped declaration

See spring teeter on the hill clasping hands
with winter still
and naked summer girls a lay
waiting for a bit of colored skin to trap
with line of suit imagination's pursuit
and from the ivy halls of smart some heart

See the couple lolling on the bench
they are holding back the time of goodbye
watching for a sign that tells them
love will not leave the place it keeps
so weeps the minute
until in certain time backwards
a leaf from ground twirls softly back to air
it falls up yes up
as if with this trick to say
just watch I am like love
then catches branch of tree and stays

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