Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Full Moon Beguile

A sunset colored with crape myrtle
pressed like silk on blue at first
stayed while I sat down to watch
it drain behind the palm tree’s burst

I thought no beauty could surpass it
and turned to you to speak my view
but you looked passed with eyes celestial
and dreamy with the moonlight’s hew.

I watched it scale a square of building
dissected by a telephone pole
then climb the open angel’s stairway
to rule the sky and light my soul.

I knew you thought of how your Gaga
loved to lay with you out back
when you were just a little fella
and explain its dark and glorious trek.

For when the moon is at the full
I see her climb into your face
almost hear her voice like music
and feel the warmth of her embrace.

The moon at full has all the glory
of the smile that touched the child
and changed forever all the meaning
of the night’s full moon beguile. ________

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