Friday, July 10, 2009

Past the Time of Goodbye

It was only last year
When the crease formed
Only one day an hour perhaps
Where it started slipping away

No time so much time
The other side cannot be contained
Floundering on the ridge
Slip soft cool remain

So how am I to mark the way
When all I want is for you to stay
Stay past the time of goodbye

Some days there is time
Like the slow opening of a sunflower
And others when the sun sets as it rises
When all is slipping
I listen to the groan of dirt
The sweet lifting in fast forward
Of something living wanting sun

I can hear it from the canvas I packed
Like a water balloon it wrestles with my shoulder
Or curls with liquid words at my feet
While I keep watch vigilant and a hero
I don’t sleep

Wanting empty space and time
To throw the arrow of my words
(pierce something with perfect insight)
Attach it to a tree that knows I am only me
And just realize that I can in the end
Fly you see?

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