Friday, October 9, 2009

How and Why and When?

How and why and when again
I ask the ageless how become
the sky an opening to the whim
of wondering at the window
with elbows pointing out as was before
time backwards the minutes leaking gathering
and finally winking out the door

The dark side falls into the opening
of space and time
light is swallowed only to be spit out
and sound has no echo in the din

There is fast like standing still
and holes that carry thunder
wind empties all the pockets of dust
and blows them all around then under
even lust lays back the skin a song
finding greater meaning there all along

How and why and when again
a child’s fancy listens for a clue
waiting at the window of the night
knowing in the dark it is easier to hear
the answers that hide within the light

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