Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Past the Sky...for Michelle

I was just a child myself,
unformed and weaving a path of questions,
when you began my motherhood.
How could something so small
make me so big, I wondered.
Make me throw all my priorities to the wind like so much whatnot
until I would never be the same again.

A little girl all screech and vim,
you ran around with plan to twirl a tether
made of gold around my soul attached to you
for all eternity. Now so entwined,
it is you I think of, for you are still the child
who made me wise with the wiles of your smile.

My first, my girl, I thank you for
the growing steps I took to keep you warm,
for taking me past this life on earth
and showing me spirit lives ever and still,
beyond the pale and past the sky
where you still can hear my lullaby.

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