Friday, October 2, 2009

Take Me Down

Take me down to curled leaf,
autumn falls, it falls along the edge
and leans from the fence with the warped tomato.
Pull out the weeping end of summer;
its fragrance bites, though sweet the taste.
Take me down into this cool morning,
oh, sun, so layered in rising mist,
and touch me sweatered.
Bare shoulders have danced summer brown
into heat of open fire with a sing along
and I can still hear it echo in the ripple;
but I see grace moving in the rake,
a piece of last October stuck in its teeth,
leaning against the turn of time
watching the sky for the first dance
of the Liquid Amber.
Take me down with flannel sheets
and the window open to cool
into warmth of autumn nights with you.


  1. You make Nature come alive for me Martie - I love you for that.

  2. Thank you, Blu...she is a beautiful muse.