Monday, October 12, 2009

Running on Empty

Along the parched road of living there was a sign that read, cool mountain stream, first right at the crossroads. I had to get out of my Reverie and walk up close to read in small print, enter at your own risk.

Well, I was torched as you can imagine. My engine had been running hot and I could smell the stench from the need to fill up with something to quench my own insatiable thirst.

I looked at my gas meter and it read (in poetic form, of course),
running on empty,
watch what you do,
another dry mile
and you are through.

I knew how to fix that. Reverie was not all I had. I had a reserve tank of dreaming. I had dreamed my way into many a place and out of a few.

I shifted out of reverie and into dream and turned right at the crossroads where I almost ran over the Assumption family. (Standing with their hands on hips in the middle of the road, they were.) So, I closed my eyes and smooth as silk, Dream took me over their stern mouths and I landed in a meadow, lupine dotted and poppy spilled.

I could hear the sound of happiness frolicking in a splash of passion as I slowed to take a breath, and that was when I saw Future standing before me and turned away.

I gathered Now around me and fastened it with the exhale of my intake and suddenly I was looking out the window at the middle of the day, my fingers were like small birds pecking at the keyboard, the sound was part of my heart and I was no longer thirsty.

I could see my Reverie sitting in the driveway wearing what I was sure was a smirk. :)


  1. i love this line:

    "I gathered Now around me and fastened it with the exhale of my intake..."

  2. Hey Martie, those fumes you've been inhaling from your Reverie? I want some!

  3. " rêverie est un univers en émanation, un souffle odorant qui sort des choses par l'intermédiaire d'un rêveur."Gaston Bachelard

    This is my translation from French:
    " rêverie is an universe that emanates , a fragrant blow up that comes through things
    by the rêveur. " Gaston Bachelard