Monday, June 1, 2009

Assuredly I

A shadow yet not
lit from without
a canopy upon a screen
answers to the knock of light

and eye or even I open the door
for grace of breeze to make dancers
out of just plain leaves

Lit from within
I see the frame of face
turning turning twirl
some music discovers my name

It carries pulse
explodes the quiet
opens the joy of hair to shine
hears the tender and the curse
the fabric of this screen
cannot be destroyed

It bears words oh words
the lovely sound of light and dark
they take the intent and make it tears
they try out loud a laugh

and they can break on the altar
scatter sharp or defuse the passion
and the skin in magic
just sings along knowing not
but loving just the same
the heat that words can thus ordain

Loose they follow any whim
move up the curves without or within
and a face so dimpled by a voice
charms interpretations choice
and eye assuredly I open the door

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