Sunday, June 28, 2009


Come with me into the evening now
as the horizon absorbs the pewter sky
and turns it dusky
for the children are blowing horns
and their voices are glee tuned

Across the sloping grass
they wave their bright balloons
with whispers and giggle
as their scooters sweep the street
and scatter the tiny blossoms
of the golden rain tree

They take me into their hello
their eyes shaded for a moment
as I try to share their joy with them

They turn down the moment with a shrug

Fall has not caught the air yet
and summer’s boys still sit on curbs
long into the evening waiting
waiting for the growing to be over
and complete to happen

I could tell them that I wait too
but they would not understand yet

I sit with them just the same
across the street on my own curb
still growing

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