Sunday, June 7, 2009

Snapshots of Time

A feather drifts
blown from a mother’s delight
just a piece of fluff
crossing the porch
hesitating by the sheets in sun dry flapping
passing the camellia bush
and the laughter of a little girl
falling falling

The path behind the house
around the plum tree
a gallop of broom pony
through the hole in the fence
into spring green weeds of the vacant lot
away away

Catch me not grandfather
with your fetid breath and big hands
I will dazzle you with my bravery now
and leave you to your war of feeling
all unsure behind me
grasping grasping

I hold the words I seek
though transient my mind change
spills my color down halls of ivy
and shouts upon the roof the opera
into all the open windows
listening listening

Rock me my baby is gone
take me to the place of grace
where candles burn in wake of grief
tiptoe across the porthole where peace resides
let me be the holder of your warm
again again

Break me with your harsh judgment
watch my pieces fall around you
while I wait for something that I thought was cherish
and find that there are many other feelings
forgiving forgiving

Take me now this love all wild and gleeful
And rearrange my life all mixed and matted
calm the tangled weave and breathe me sweet
for hands can touch a place so kept apart with
healing healing

See this key that time has made
to lock away the bitter feelings
made of wood so finely crafted
from a place far beyond this earth
thrown into the curve of the rolling hills
then grown a tree where I lay me down
dreaming dreaming

Two strong spirits came from seeds
of youth all unsure and folly
building boys all pout and playful
who build another girl all dimpled sweet
and love finds me still
with my arms open
smiling smiling

In this place of day now
I am a marveler of what I find
in the search of all so keenly human
that celebrate a soul of gladdened knowing
nothing can take what cannot break for
loving loving

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